About Us

Located in the rapidly growing Upper Tantallon area, The Cotton Penguin is a children’s retail store designed to meet the needs of kids, parents and grandparents from Halifax to the South Shore, and beyond! With a main focus on local, sustainable and quality products, you are sure to find everything you need for your new born, baby or child! 


At The Cotton Penguin you will find; toys, clothing, shoes, diapers, a variety of accessories, electronics, and gifts for babies and children of all ages!

Here, experience is key!


With a 3 year old son, Logan, and a 2 year old daughter, Karley, Owner Shannon Shields has current knowledge of which products are good, which are safe, and which are just plain fun! As a consumer and user of all things kids herself, Shannon spends a great deal of time researching trends, learning about available products and purchasing with you, your children and the environment in mind. Reputation and excellent customer service are, above all else, the most important aspect of the store, which you will experience first hand when shopping with us!

Along with Shannon on this retail journey is Husband, Adrian Shields! A self taught computer wizard, carpenter, and lifter of heavy things. Adrian’s interest lies in the supply of computers for children! (The other stuff he does to make Shannon happy...) Anxious about his 2 year olds love of daddy's computer, tablet and cell phone, a decision was made to try to find computers that are affordable and educational with current components and features for children who are ready to play and learn, or pre-teens, teens and gamers who are looking for something specific.

You can find Adrian’s labour of love on location at The Cotton Penguin with computers and their accessories ready and available for purchase. Or if you are looking for that something specific, please CONTACT US.


Photo taken by Tanya, at Tanya Shields Photography.

Check out her awesome work, and book as session here: http://www.tanyashields.com/

Joining Shannon and Adrian in the shop are Carrie and Diana!

We know we have been lucky to find:

Carrie, laid back mama of a shiny new (and absolutely adorable) baby girl, has been with us from the beginning (thank goodness!) Her product knowledge, and up to date product use, makes her the perfect fit for our little shop, and the local baby community!

Diana, a mother of 7 and grandmother of 9 is a wonderful new addition to the shop! Just that experience with children alone is enough to make her an expert... wouldn't you agree? But just to add the frosting to the cake, Diana is a retired local school teacher, too!

If you pop by the store front, you may also be lucky enough to meet Karen. An incredible mom of one incredible daughter (Shannon, of course) and two, also awesome, twin boys. Not actually on the payroll, Karen can sometimes be found filling in for the day if need be. Although her children are grown, Logan and Karley are always sure to keep her on her toes with the "Ammie, can you please buy me..." 's.